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Nacon Revolution PS4 Controller V2 - Blue


Imagine a new controller that takes your PS4 gaming to the Next Level. Imagine you can access PS4's unveiled capabilities and change the rules! Move quicker, fire faster and reach further? Become UNBEATABLE!

The REVOLUTION Pro Controller is made for you! Designed & developed with professional eSports players, the REVOLUTION Pro Controller is going to leverage the eSports competition at a new level. Fully customisable and unmatched precision, the REVOLUTION Pro Controller will offer gamers the possibility to set up their controller for each game and be more efficient in competition.

Comfortable for the hands, pleasing for the eyes, but tough and durable when it comes down to the competition ? these were the requirements we set when we started to design the Revolution Pro Controller.

The rubber-coated surface allows for a tactile and comfortable controller.


  • Enhanced left and right analog sticks with 46